Our hero, Bennevine, will need to fight more than strange vortex-crossing creatures, but also the citizens of the kingdoms themselves. Banana Islanders use the sea as their personal dumping site, the Orcs fill the air with poisonous smoke with every step their gigantic mechanical crab takes, the elves deforest enchanted lands thinking there will be no consecuences for their actions.


This is a magical place with real problems...

It’s crucial for us that ‘Bennevine’ is a memorable experience for all players. In addition to being a fun gameplay, the player will be involved and immersed in this captivating story, which contains the message of overcoming obstacles and self-improvement at heart.


Alpha Gameplay

Like so many of us, Bennevine feels trapped by the destiny assigned to her. In her case, she was destined to become a court Jester. She hates it although she’s never done anything to get herself out of her situation and has always blamed everyone other than herself. However, one day she gets hold of a magic staff and makes a wish for her life to change direction; she wishes to become a heroine.

But escaping from a hole has never been as easy as just making a wish.


If she wants to be a heroine, she’ll have to fight for it!

wolf color.png

This is a story about building ourselves and creating our own destiny. It’s a hard journey 
but the goal is rewarding. A brilliant future awaits us, but before we reach it we need 
to lose our fear of stumbling and falling along the way, just as Bennevine does. 

If we had no fear, what would we be capable of?...