Néstor Romero Clemente
Is a music composer, arranger and orchestrator with a background in Musicology, Film-making, and History. Grand-nephew of the late Maestro Daniel Montorio Fajó, Néstor hails from the city of Zaragoza, Spain. 


Caterina Schembri
is an Italian-Colombian music composer and orchestrator specialized in interdisciplinary arts. Her music has been successful on the screen featuring on films from diverse genres and origins including UK, Spain, Colombia, USA, Greece, Ireland, and Costa Rica.

In December 2018 she became one of the founding members of Sonic Gate Studios, an international collective of sound artists working in music and sound for multimedia. She’s currently based in Dublin working in different projects as composer, orchestrator, and creative director.


Throughout the years, he has learnt and grown under the guidance of the distinguished Dutch Musicologist and Organist Prof. Dr. Albert Clement, orchestrator and composer Conrad Pope (Jurassic Park, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Deadly Shadows), former Vice President of music production at Disney, Andy Hill (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast), composer Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, Drag Me to Hell), orchestrator Tommy Laurence (How to Train Your Dragon 2, Kung Fu Panvda 2) and renowned Irish Composers Dr. Garrett Sholdice and Dr. Linda Buckley.