If you could wish for anything what would that be?

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Have you ever had a dream?

A wish to change, not only you, but the entire world?

To have an adventure, to reach your potential, to be not only who you are but who you can be.

Bennevine is a magical game where a wish turns into reality, but you know what they say,

be careful what you wish for...


The story

Life is hard for the Kingdom’s fool. Bennevine, daughter of the court jester, is completely 

disillusioned with her role in the world, and tired of the Prince’s endless mockery at her expense. 

Taking advantage of the Royal Wizard’s absent-mindness, she steals his magical staff and makes

a wish. A wish to change her life. And indeed it does, just not quite in the way she expected!

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The mission

Bennevine is granted the astonishing power to possess and control animals, but with no precautions taken before using magic she doesn’t understand, disturbing anti-magic rifts open all over the place, and abominable creatures from another reality start pouring through, threatening the four Kingdoms!

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Bennevine is a 3rd person Adventure with puzzle-solving and dialogue mechanics inspired by point-n-click games with real-time combat, with more than 30 hours of playtime and a lot of humorous situations and dialogues!

The player meets interesting characters brimming with personality and feels personally invested in their stories.

The player is allowed to experiment with magic andphysics, and find different solutions to each problem, especially in combat.

The puzzles are engaging, they don’t either underestimate or feel unfair to the player.


Each setting has a unique feel to it (an emotion, a theme, a vibe, etc..)

The game subverts classic videogame “tropes” and

surprises the player, it does with a solid internal logic.

The game balances each gameplay module so the player is alternating between them and never feels bored.